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I love Portland

Posted by yankeesin2008 on October 30, 2008

I’m feeling good about this NBA season early.

There’s a lot of intrigue around the league, plus my Knicks realized they can’t just keep bringing in other teams talented malcontents and do anything but suck. So now they brought in a coach who doesn’t fit the players on the roster, but at least Marbury and Curry are sitting, and Isiah Thomas tried to kill himself or something.

But the team I’m looking forward to the most is the Portland Trailblazers. They have a vast assortment of young talent, they’ve cleaned out all the lunatics and thugs that plagued the franchise for the last few years, and they have the most charismatic big man in basketball.

They have a TON of skilled players. Only two guys on the roster have played more than five years in the league, (Lafrentz and Pryzbilla) and they’re both tall goofy white guys.

They have guys who were high first round draft picks out of high school. They have guys that were high first round draft picks out of college. And they have a mix of young European guys that can play right now.

It’ll be tough to get them all minutes, but I hope they are successful, if only so we can see more commercials out of Greg Oden


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