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Sean Avery steals Mark Sanchez’s girl?

Posted by Gene Morris on June 25, 2009

Thank you New York Post, for the big blaring headline, and for the use of the word “canoodling.”

“They were doing shots of Jack Daniels and Patron, and she had her hands on his arm as they canoodled at the corner of the bar,” said our spy. “Sanchez was nowhere to be found.”

Hilary Rhoda is the girl.  She was with Sanchez in his recent GQ photo shoot.

And you can go here to see more of her without having to look at Sanchez in short shorts.


One Response to “Sean Avery steals Mark Sanchez’s girl?”

  1. Zuffa is giving us 2 free cards this month, WEC 46 and UFN 20, the least we can as hardcore fans is to help out a struggling UFC 108.

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