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Michael Vick Reinstated On Conditional Basis by NFL Commisioner Goodell

Posted by Gene Morris on July 27, 2009

The news has finally come down today and Michael Vick is on his way back to the National Football League.  Vick’s conditional reinstatement will be decided on by Goodell by week 6.

Let the outrage begin.

Vick’s case went through the legal system, he did his time, and now he’s out and again looking for employment.  If he still has the physical ability to be a quarterback in the National Football League, I believe he has every right to do so.  There also should be a zero tolerance policy placed over his reintstatement – if he slips up again he’s gone for good.

How can the NFL suspend Leonard Little, a defensive end still playing today in the NFL, only eight games for driving under the influence and killing someone in 1998, and ban Vick for life?

How ridiculous would that be?  Well Little apparently wanted to push the envelope and was arrested again in 2004 after being pulled over and failing three sobriety tests.  And Little is still in the league.  Where was the outrage around this case?

Donte Stallworth recently completed his 30-day jail sentence for DUI Manslaughter after he hit and killed a pedestrian early on March 14.  Stallworth has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL.  But again I don’t see the public outrage calling for Stallworth to be banned for life.

I can’t understand the huge difference in the public opinion on these cases.  Throw in any other that involves a player that beats his wife, or recklessly puts another persons life in danger.

The things Vick did were horrible, I can’t see anyone saying otherwise.  It’s understandable that people are so upset over what he did.  I just think it’s hypocritical to destroy Vick’s professional career while there are others who have done just as bad or worse and who get a free pass.


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