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World Track And Field Championships, Brett Favre, Brandon Marshall, Top Stories

Posted by Gene Morris on August 19, 2009

Brett Favre causes emotions to flair

The opinions have been flying over Brett Favre’s decision to sign a contract to join the Minnesota Vikings yesterday. If I was a Packers fan I would be extremely upset that Favre decided to sign with a division rival, and as a sports fan I just don’t want to hear anything else about this over exposed story.

Vikings legend Fran Tarkenton, who had been outspoken in the past about the Favre situation, spoke out again today. “Wouldn’t you be upset if you’re a Packer fan? I think you’re going to have Packer fans burning the No. 4 Favre Green Bay jersey. I think the Packer fans have every right to be outraged,” he said on “The Opening Drive” on Sirius NFL Radio.

ESPN’s Howard Bryant wrote a column in which he sided with Favre and against those speaking negatively about the indecisiveness of the veteran quarterback.

Jeffery Chadiha had a differing opinion, calling Favre “selfish” for showing up at training camp three weeks after his teammates and making the story about himself instead of a solid team with playoff aspirations.

Usain Bolt reaches 200-meter final, South African teen to undergo gender testing

The worlds fastest man, Jamaican Usain Bolt, easily reached the finals of the 200-meter after running his heat in 20.08 seconds. This comes just days after he destroyed the world record in the 100-meter, clocking in at a time of 9.58 seconds. The finals of the 200-meter take place Thursday.

The other big story coming out of the World Championships involves Caster Semenya, a female runner from South Africa.

Semyena ran away from the field in the 800-meter, but the big story involved the fact that it was announced earlier in the day that she would be undergoing a gender test because of concerns that she doesn’t meet the requirements to compete as a women.

The process will take weeks to perform and involve a multitude of different doctors.

Brandon Marshall back in the headlines, again for off the field incidents

Denver Bronco’s wide receiver Brandon Marshall, a specimen of an athlete and great performer on the field, can’t seem to stay out of the headlines for his actions off of it.

Marshall spoke out against the Broncos organization after hearing that a team public relations staff member told the rest of the team to not gloat over the fact that Marshall was acquitted of misdemeanor assault last week. Marshall made sure to mention “trust issues” between himself and the team.

This incident was far from the first time that Marshall has had brushes with the law.


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